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Is it a problem ? Not if it vanishes by increasing brightness a bit or moving out of shade. It is a problem if you see this with normal day time brightness Why does it happen? Samsung AMOLED displays are based on PenTile technology and manufactured by Nouvoyance ( Nouvouyance partners with Samsung and also supplies Pentile displays to other OEMs as ...


Some apps only work in portrait mode due to the fact that that is the way they are designed. Also most launchers (on a phone) are automatically in fixed portrait mode as well. If you don't have a gravity sensor then I suggest using an app like Unlimited Rotation Control which puts rotation buttons on your device. For landscape mode on my phone I installed ...


If you're using Android 5.x/6.x, then under Display setting of Settings app you should be able to find an option named Adaptive Brightness. That should precisely do the job. In preceding Android versions, there is Auto Brightness but I do not know how it functions. If what benjaminS stated is true, then it should work well. In any case, if the auto/adaptive ...


There's a highly-rated Play Store app named Caffeine by Syntaxa which prevents sleep by manual toggle, device plugged in, and per-app. Compatibility from 2.2 Froyo to 5.1 Lollipop. It has a 4.5 star rating and 1,355 reviews (as of April 2016)

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