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The "device offline" output means that the device is detected, but it refuses any operation because the user didn't allow that particular computer to connect (secure ADB). Your device is up and running, and displaying a confirmation window on its non-functioning screen. You could try to power the device on and blindly hit the OK button after unlocking the ...


Came across another cool app, it's called Hexa Time. You can try it.


I found the easiest way to do this was with the application Color Wallpaper. All the possible colors selectable from a menu, and i haven't changed the color in months. You can set it and forget it. Even uninstall after setting, if that is your wish. Disclaimer: I am not the developer of this application, just a satified user - for years.


My proximity sensor is broken. I spent 10 hours looking for app, which would prevent screen from going black during calls. After 10 hours I found this app, which finally solved my issue: Proximity AutoLock I just wanted to share and hope others will find this usefull and won't spend that much time searching as I did.


It most certainly is not a hardware related issue. I would begin by rebooting the device.


Lots of screens are cracked and they still work. Mine has had two cracks in it for over a year. At first I put thin non glossy mending tape on each crack. It was unnecessary no glass sticks out on it though I can feel them with a fingernail, so I just leave it bare. For anything worse and still working you might use a screen protector, which I'd ...


Screen protector might help protect your fingers, if glass is even and no missing pieces

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