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WARNING: Follow these instructions only, if you are aware of the risks! I am not responsible for any hard-/soft-brick! Proceed only if you know what you are doing! Possible loss of warranty by triggering KNOX flags, flash counters etc.!!! READ THE ENTIRE ANSWER BEFORE FOLLOWING ANY OF THESE STEPS!!! Install CWM and Philz recovery. If you not already ...


You're not doing anything wrong. You're most likely using a stock recovery. Access to shell can prove to be potentially dangerous when it comes to userdata so a lot of OEMs or vendors (I don't know the correct term) prefer to ship a locked-down stock recovery which would do what OEM wants them to do, such as flashing OTA updates, sideloading updates from ...


If you want to learn whether or not it is caused by proximity sensor you can download this app and see if your proximity sensor is constantly sensing something that it shouldn't. If that is the case, I went through the very same problem and solved it. When I was searching the internet for a solution, someone simply suggested me to Take a little pipe and ...


You can try xposed installer app and can download proximity disabler to disable your proximity sensor.. :-)


The missing setting was an error in 10.1. It is fixed now. Go to Settings -> Display -> Screen-off animation


You activated Ultra power saving mode. Turn it off to fix the issue.


I just fixed mine now. It was from the sensors. I disassembled the phone and I cleaned the sensors and the glass under the screen with alcohol on a cotton-tipped swab and it's working perfectly now.


Answer on this depends on which launcher you're using; for this I'm assuming you're using Google Now Launcher AKA Google Experience Launcher which should be the default. All you need to do is remove all the icons and widgets that live on the home screen you wanna have removed. Once the homescreen become empty it will automatically be removed. You can readd ...

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