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You're right that is the way the image should be captured and saved in the Folder Screenshots. But sadly, some of the ROM manufactures remove this feature from the ROM, don't know why, but yes they do so and the user isn't able to use this feature. I have a phone, Qmobile Noir A8 and on this phone I was able to capture the screenshot through the very same ...


Android's hotkey to take screenshots is Vol Down and Power pressed simultaneously for about 3 seconds. The delay is there to prevent accidental presses. ( Samsung phones hotkey is the Power and Home button )


Hold your home button and your power button at the same time. Then hit the power button then it will lock it. It works just fine.


there are many free app on the Play Store that can acquire a screenshot without pressing any physical button on your phone. Please take a look there: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icecoldapps.screenshoteasy. Hope to help you!


It has nothing to do with what app you are using – on Android the screenshot key-combination works globally, no matter if you are on your homescreen, in the settings, or in a game. However, the global key-combination can vary from device to device, depending how the manufacturer implemented it. Like you mentioned: Normally that combination would be ...

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