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If you take screen shots with the Nexus 7 connected to your computer the screen shot images don't seem to update in Windows Explorer correctly (they show as 0 bytes) and they are not viewable. The fix is to unplug then plug your USB cable back in and they will show up with the correct size and be viewable. Either that or unplug your USB cable before taking ...


It's been a while since I stopped using S3 Mini but wasn't long-pressing the home button calling the task manager anyway? If you what you mean by saying that "you can't reboot or turn off your phone" is that power button is unresponsive, then it means it is broken. You can root your phone and use apps to change the button configuration for screenshotting.


Follow these steps to get your screenshots up and running: Open file manager Look for PICTURES folder. Rename it to PICTURES2 or something That's it. Screenshots up and running. Now why is that? That's because the folder PICTURES is actually supposed to be Pictures. When you try to capture a screenshot, the screenshot app looks for a folder called ...

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