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Banking apps and such tend to use FLAG_SECURE for safety reasons, so that the screen can not be captured or recorded. But there's an Xposed module which disables FLAG_SECURE system-wide and lets you take screenshots in apps that normally don't allow it. Naturally this requires root access in your device. Use this module with caution, though: as I said, it ...


Apps which are set with LayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE flag do not allow screenshots (or videos recording) to be taken. It is of-course your phone but the app belongs to its owner (and he can rightfully wish to prevent users from capturing something sensitive in nature). You're barred from taking a screenshot only for those screens that have the above flag set. ...


on the xperia z5, you simply hold lock button and are gave the option.


Old question , posting to add alternative using Google Now on Tap on Marshmallow, which does away with failed attempts in getting the right combo of keys correctly pressed (at times I ended up rebooting :-) This has the advantage of better organising screenshots or sharing directly with contacts using Direct Share, which pops up when you wish to share ...

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