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In your Gallery app of some sort, locate the screenshot image you want to send. Then there will be a share button and a dropdown list of applications. Find the app that says "Drive" and your image will then be uploaded. From there, you can go to your email app and select your newly uploaded image from your drive for you to send whomever


Install “ES File Explorer” from the Play Store. Open it and navigate to internal SD card storage Delete “Pictures” folder Create a new “Pictures” folder and open it and make “Screenshots” folder inside “Pictures" folder


The clipboard (like on Windows for instance) can hold different types of data. Raw images (like your screenshot) are one of those possible clipboard contents and thus you can paste them in, given that the app you use allows you to paste image data from your clipboard. The supported data types that the clipboard can hold are mentioned in the Android ...


To remove the notification, force stop the app. Long hold the notification, go to app info and choose force stop.

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