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This limitation is not due to the FAT filesystem : Since 4.4, Android only lets a special user group write on the card. Your card could be in NTFS, or EXT or whatever more, you'll have the same problem. The only way to bypass this limitation is to root your device, and install some 3rd party apps/patchs, or manuallay edit some files.


There are a number of memory areas and Android tries to download the new apps in a particular one. One good option is to clean out the logs: press phone and select keypad, punch *#9900#. A new menu appears. press the second one down "Delete dumpstate/logcat". And you are good to go download a few more apps.


I have looked into this issue before, and as it stands at the moment, native android does not support exFAT or NTFS. Support for additional formatting types are included in some ROMs because they have been specifically coded to do so such as AFAIK which I believe supports NTFS. I think you are stuck with FAT32 unless you wish to root and flash a ROM that ...

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