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It could be that Telegram may misbehave when find those files missing. Anyhow. You can use command-line for the job. Setup adb in PC and execute this command adb shell am force-stop org.telegram.messenger # this would force-stop Telegram app. adb shell rm -rf /sdcard/Android/data/org.telegram.messenger/* # * means everything - all files ...


Android Marshmallow and USB OTG Support confirms OTG working on Nexus 9 (Note: I have no way of verifying). Relevant extracts from the post ( missing text denoted by "....", emphasis added) But there is another feature that Android users have long wanted out of the platform that has come with Marshmallow: Native USB On-the-go (OTG) support...In previous ...


Okay, this is related to App Install Location and behavior in question controlled by application manifest, specifically, by android:installLocation attribute (NB: by default system assumes internalOnly).

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