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That could e.g. be done using tasker: Condition: Event → Hardware → Card Mounted (resp. "Card Removed" / "Card Unmounted") Task: File → Write File (specify file name, text, check "append") You will need a separate profile for each action (mount/eject) with the respective condition, but of course you can write to the same file (or use a separate one if ...


As you neither write what devices were involved, nor how you proceeded to "move the card", I can give just some generic information – though I think you're already aware of those facts: Never simply "pick the card out" of the device (be it the phone, tablet, or computer). First you need to tell the system to close all files it might have opened from there: ...


you already know that apps are installed on SD Cards so it's normal not to work when SD card is removed because app files will be missing. you can avoid this by installing your apps on internal memory


There's an app called SDFix on the Play store, but you will need root to run this. Running that should let you write to external SD cards again. Link:

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