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The new version took away the ability to go up to external storage device. Arg. Why anyone would think this is a good idea is mind blowing. I am guessing they were just thinking about the iphone when they designed this - that won't allow an external SD card.


Try your SD card in another phone or a computer. If it works, then it's probably your phone. Try an SD card that you already know is working in your phone and see if it reads it. If it doesn't, then it's definitely your phone but it could be the SD slot itself or a software problem. If another card works in your phone and your card works in other phones, ...


The option 'Save to device' is an enabled option whether you have or do not have an SD card, once you have chosen 'Export' when you press a filename. If you select this option, and have an SD Card, the first step is to select the button 'Up to Internal Storage', followed by 'Up to Storage', followed by your selection of 'SD Card'. I have 2 devices, one ...


No, there isn't a stock file manager. Viewing the SD card's directory layout is a very desktop-PC, old-fashioned way to do things, and most phone users don't have a need for it, so there isn't a default file manager in vanilla Android. Media files on the SD card are automatically scanned by the OS so they can be found by the apps that support them, so just ...


Try this formatter https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/ The standard formatter integrated in windows isn't that great. Give it a shot. You can also try to set your phone back to factory settings after you did the format.


You can root your mobile and can use some partition tool or go through this link http://www.android.gs/increase-galaxy-ace-internal-memory/.

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