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To move my apps and games to my SD card I use the app "AppMgrIII" that can be found on the play store. I have had no issues so far. Hope this helps!


I had the same freezes and all vanished with this kasty firmware. I am so happy like I bought another tablet. Go for it!


There are known issues with certain SD cards causing some read/write errors which prevent your phone from entering the deep sleep state. This causes your phone to drain battery fairly quickly as compared to a phone which goes into deep sleep when not in use. You should update your phone as certain kernels have also been known to fix battery drain issues. ...


What OS do you have? If using Windows, then go to "folder option" >> "view". Then change these two settings: Tick to "show hidden files". Untick "hide protected os files" Click apply.


From the specs about your tablet on http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/PiPo_M9_Pro They look good. You should check how many apps that you have running at one time, too many apps running can slow down your device. You should check how many apps you have installed, and check that your storage isn't completely full. I also believe that you do have a ...


IMHO these governor settings are overrated. Of course it's nice to have such options, but it's confusing users more instead of helping them. Just check your ROM and ask other users for their opinions. In AOKP for example you only need NOOP and Interactive and you should be good to go for anything. You should save your time for more important things in ...


Terminology is important in this case... Formatting /data will wipe out your internal /sdcard/ mount. wiping /data, on the other hand, will usually not erase your sdcard. Usually you don't need to actually format /data/, and wiping (usually called a "Factory Reset") will suffice. Technical explaination: /sdcard/ lives in /data/media. When doing a factory ...


It depends on how the particular recovery you will choose to install handles user data. Most recent versions of commonly used recovery images (e.g. TWRP and ClockworkMod) recognize the need to keep certain portions of internal memory on devices without removable storage. On such devices the /sdcard mount point is still present, but is pointing to ...

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