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Android itself checks the certificate when you update already installed APKs. It's therefore not possible to install a tampered/modified app that would need to be signed with a different certificate. It would throw a certificate mismatch exception. Using Google Play to install a new APK for the first time is different somehow: It's signed with the developers ...


If she's going to send them via SMS, you could lock your Messaging app with a 3rd-party app like SMS Lock. Or if you want to hide/lock messages for specific contacts, try GO SMS Pro's Private feature. You set a contact as private, and you will be asked to input a code every time you go to your Private inbox. This is separate from your usual/public inbox. ...


You should try Audio Manager from Anuj Tenani. You can also save videos, images and audio which were send via any application from the gallery. It's also available on iTunes. --About the app -- The app is cleverly disguised as "Audio Manager" in the App Drawer. Disguises itself as a Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. but ...


If you want hide those pics then - - use smart lite locker(app)[android] If you're not saving them on your device then lock those apps on which your sexy GF is sending pics - use APPLOCK(app)[android] or else you can lock with Smartlite locker also (both are apps)[android] link to the APPLOCK app link to the Smartlite locker app


As of July 2014, I've found the following options for SD card encryption: Boxcryptor - not open source; developed by German company; supports sync with cloud storage; unclear if they've received a backdoor request cryptonite - open source; supports mounting TrueCrypt volumes; no backdoor request yet

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