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There is no real difference between a beta test application and a regular application for security purposes. You can remove any beta test application the same way you would a regular application. Android is setup so that applications do not normally have access to the data for other applications. If a beta test is closed, then the Google+ or Google group ...


You can't prevent that. It is because your device is mounted to the computer via MTP. It's supposed to be visible. However, whenever you boot up, a password will be required to decrypt your device before any data can be accessed, so you need not worry. Also, MTP connections won't display any data if the device is locked. This is a security measure. In ...


In Marshmallow (Android 6.0) there will be an additional bit of information on the 'About' screen showing the "Android security patch level". This should show the date of the last security update that your phone has. How you will know that this is the latest available is unclear though. Source As for pre-Marshmallow the best suggestion I have is to look at ...


Solution: Correct your date, or Set the clock to update automatically Reason: This security warning pops-up when the verification of certificate needs to be done but the requesting system is set to wrong date(usually to the past). The security certificate is seen as From Future. This is all related to certificate validation by the browser. Related Stack ...


The Build number, e.g. LMY48I (found in 'About phone') can be looked up in the Android Security Updates list, or the list of Android factory images. In this case you can see LMY48I refers to the August 2015 security update, but there has been another update since then: LMY48M for September.


Try pressing the power button, till it shows the options like, power off, flight mode, restart, emergency mode then select emergency mode. Wait for it to enable. After that, it will ask again for your finger print.

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