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I envision it works like this: Storage is encrypted using synchronous random key. When the user chooses or changes a password that is based on whatever input, be it a password comprised of letters and numbers and characters, or be it a pin code, or pattern swipe, or finger print, or any other input, an asynchronous encryption algorithm is used to encrypt ...


It depends. First, if the developer is a good one with a brain he will make the app to do so, then you have to consider which kind of data that is. Obviously you don't want your settings to be encrypted, it's just nonsensical, they will be stored in a xml file (or even json, again, it depends). But things like chat history, credentials, etc. they have to be ...


It is possible for adware, as well as other "viruses" to be installed on the sd card. Thus even doing a factory reset can reinstall the "virus". If you have access to a pc with virus protection on it. You can mount the phone as a USB storage and scan it from there. Besides wiping both the phone and the sd card. There may not be a permanent fix. But if you ...


lock screen and security. other security settings. view security certificates. users. Then remove it. S7 Edge 2016-07-14

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