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You (or someone else) probably accidentally click this banner on the main screen. And "Accept" the offer. (Note: this dialog may also pop-up on reboot) - OR - Avast pushed the installation silently (which I still doubt since it didn't happen on my case). Avast gets the Google accounts saved on the Chrome, and it's possible for them to offer their ...


First, both encryptions you name are the same – only that Lollipop enforces this automatically on some devices. Second: it's not the files being encrypted, but the entire partitions – thus everything saved to it ends up in (using simple terms) an "encrypted container". Everything transparent, so you won't notice. No need to re-encrypt.


You can disable background data. That way applications will use data only when they're running in the foreground. For this, go to Settings > Data Usage Menu > Restrict background data


Yes, just like for any Linux PC, you can install a Firewall to block wifi/mobile internet accesses and XPosed to keep track of all access attempts made to you device from programs. But unlike what Google and Samsung want to make you believe. Rooting your device is essential to allow you to have far better control of leaked data and unauthorized access. I ...

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