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Basically, as screen lock secures your data as long as the data chip stays in the phone(as long as debugging is disabled [or enabled with no trusted credentials] and the phone isn't rooted), whereas encrypting it secures it no matter what. Old answer: It is possible to access some data via usb, however other data isn't accessible, plug your tablet into the ...


According to this changelog the upcoming f-droid version 0.71 should support this. Another mention of this is in: https://github.com/WhisperSystems/TextSecure/issues/127#issuecomment-51065857


You can check if your phone is currently unlocked/rooted in bootloader (volume down+power for a few seconds when phone is off should do it. Otherwise Google for your phone.) I guess there's no way to check if your device was ever rooted. Indeed, the safest* is to root the phone yourself and flash a ROM. Another advantage of this is that you are up-to-date. ...


If you run xposed framework, NFC LockScreenOff Enabler is your method of choice.


if you have android device manager then login to android device manager through your PC, the rest you can control it from there :-)


I would recommend AFWall+ as equivalent to a packet filter on a desktop computer. Note that AFWall+ is just a GUI to generate iptables/Netfilter (Linux Kernel feature) rules. To apply those rules, AFWall+ requires root privileges on the device. AFWall+ gives you the possibility to allow/deny certain applications to open outgoing connections over WLAN/mobile ...

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