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When using AirDroid do your text messages and/or data get transmitted through AirDroid's servers or is that data kept locally between your Android device and your computer? AirDroid for Is AirDroid Secure? has noted: [In] Remote Connection Mode, your account credential, SMS, contacts, call logs and many other sensitive private information are all ...


According to the screenshot, the app is not requesting any special permissions. If your phone is not rooted I'd say: Its safe.


couple of things. Go ahead and download the latest version of TWRP and google the UI.zip file that adds the password to custom recovery. download Cerberus app, it's the best anti theft app out there that allows you to lock, track, back up, wipe, remote call, signal flare, force GPS and wifi, and more. From the app lock the powermenu from the lock screen ...

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