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Look at my values. Mine reports slightly lower numbers (9.2). I believe LGE Accelerometer Sensor field shows raw data from the sensor. It's normal that it's not super accurate. More importantly look at Gravity and Linear Acceleration fields in both mine and your screenshot. These fields show expected values. This means software compensates for sensor ...


Try changing the orientation of the phone and the values will change. The value of z axis at 10m/sec^2 is normal when phone is lying horizontal to the ground.


The only "real" sensor there is the accelerometer. The other 3 are actually synthetic; the device uses the data from it's accelerometer to find "up" and down" (relative to the ground) and magnetometer to identify which direction is "north". From those pieces of information it is possible for the device to know it's absolute 3-dimensional orientation relative ...


From my reading it's a bit of both. The Wink Detection uses a small light sensor. See here for a picture. Currently it seems that Google aren't releasing full code for this to be enabled, though libraries are available. The sensor in the GDK appears to be the Ambient Light sensor, beside the camera. According to the Google Glass Wiki the wink light sensor ...


Here is a labelled photo of the nfc antenna behind the cover. It runs the perimeter of the black cover on the phone back http://i.imgur.com/1ETQzow.jpg

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