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I m using a 4.2.2 jellybean device. I m suffered from same problem,but donn't worry i help you, You have some options 1. You uninstall the app when you need install with cache by Es file explorer. 2. If you have root permission so frost it you can use some applications like titanium backup & restpre,lucky patcher,hide it pro... It can freeze them when ...


There is an app called Greenify in Play Store. What it does is stopping the selected apps when the screen is locked. Will be very helpful in your case. Note: Rooting is not required.


Cases 1+3 show the app is currently running; basically, both are "task manager" views. Number 2 is rather related to "preferred apps" for a given action: if you e.g. have two web browsers installed, this decides which one is launched if you tap an URL. Number 4 is the "application manager". Usually, an "active force-stop button" should indicate a running ...

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