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Just found the answer to the " putting the phone to your ear" setting on my LG G3. It wasn't in the general settings. I opened the phone icon on the home screen and then opened the menu in the right hand corner → Call Settings. The options for answering the phone with the gestures were there.


No, it is not possible to modify the Settings' app's files without root access. For the record, if you gain root access in future, then: For Android 4.x-5.x Look into: /data/data/ # database of Settings Providers/Storage app /data/data/ # some ...


I'm not aware of a native solution, but my app listing for Volume control has an app called Ringer & Notification Unlink. It requires root and the XPosed framework, but should do its job. From the app description: Since ICS, Google has decided to link the volume of ringer and notification volume together. This Xposed module can separate the two ...


Go to application manager then to All down to Google text to speech and clear data and back out. This worked for my Samsung 3.

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