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It is just a name for the device that the manufacture put there. Change the name, call it what you like, it does not matter. The pop up is part of Windows and will call on the device's real name (what the manufacturer called it). This device name is embedded into the your mobile device and can not be changed without going down to a low level of ...


I don't need your password to access your data. I can disassemble your device or put into special mode that allows direct access. If your data is not encrypted I can pull your drive and connect to my pc to access.


You cannot uninstall Email as it's a system app. Either disable Gmail or Email from Settings->Apps->All . Or root your phone and then uninstall it using apps like System App Remover If you can't do either of the above two, just somehow try to logout from either Gmail or Email so as to avoid double mails. Or if you just don't want those notications alone, ...


1 - In your homescreen, press and hold on a free space to get to this menu 2 - Click on the up arrow to enter advanced settings and you'll be presented with a screen like this 3 - Scroll down till you get to Drawer Settings(Do not confuse it with Homescreen Settings). In the Icon Labels options change it to Show


I'd wager that you're using Cyanogenmod or CyanogenOS with a custom theme. The fourth icon in first row belongs to AudioFX, quite common in Cyanogenmod. If that's the case then go to home screen, press Menu button. You would see options such as Wallpapers, Widgets and more. Swipe up that dialog and change Icon labels under Drawer Settings from Hide to ...


Note: I've tested this solution on CM12. Three answers saying the same thing but are rather extreme in their approach. I want to remove one query out of dozens I made. Why should I remove everything just to remove one? Not fair! First things first: In Android, it's possible to search for a specific setting by clicking the magnifying glass in the ...

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