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This is a shame google introduced such a bad thought feature. It would be quite OK if: Users to be shown in contacts should be chosen by user explicitly The pinned contact list should be cached somehow the menu start won't take much time and resources. Because impliciteness is always BAD-BAD-BAD, wherever I met it, it was always bad. Just as in this ...


Another alternative might be to use apps like AndmadeShare, that completely replace the sharing menu. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andmadesoft.share


You can disable the 'share via' menu by removing Messenger's permission to access your contacts. This isn't practical if you use Messenger as your primary SMS app, but if you use another app, it's fine.


Currently. as of 6.0 there is no way of disabling direct share all together. Some apps may add an option to disable direct share for their apps though.

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