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I finally figured this out as I was cleaning out the apps on my phone today. I had installed this Bookmarklet app as a way of sharing links with Delicious from my phone. Unbeknownst to me, the sharing options had gotten switched. So that's where these mysterious unwanted options had come from.


Forget the pain of emailing stuff just to share some text. If you are running Android version 4.0 & above, check Keep from Google. Keep works on your phone, tablet and computer. Everything you add syncs across all of your devices. Visit https://keep.google.com/ to open Keep on PC. Add your notes/text/link/audio note/photo. Immediately this would be ...


Another route, if you are on your computer and wanting to send something, is to see if there is an app/program on the computer you're using that would allow you to share the bit of information without involving your phone. I think there are a few apps/programs that allow you to communicate through what's app from your computer. Of course I mean at that point ...


You might want to check out Airdroid, it supports posting directly to the devices clipboard.


If you use Google Chrome, you can sync up your tabs so that when you open the chrome on either your laptop, phone or tablet, you will be able to see any tabs you have open on all of your devices relatively easily.


I can think of two simple ways. 1. Download in to you pc and android one of the many notes app with auto sync between the devices. Just drop the link into a note and you'll get it inmediately on your phone, from there its a click away to whatsapp. 2. If you use chrome browser on both devices you can enable autosync of favs between them. So you add the site ...

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