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You should download the Android SDK and use it to install the Android SDK Tools, which includes adb and fastboot.


The other option is to install a recovery that doesn't require the new version of adb. I install CWM and was able to get around it this way.


When there is more ram usage or more internal memory usage, the phone will be slow and thus the installation. So u need to free your ram and your phone internal storage to speed things up. So by using the above mentioned apps, you can speed your phone by making reducing the usage of your phone's ram.


Even if your phone is rooted, you may be not utilizing the root access properly. Simply rooting the phone doesn't make it fast, save the battery and all. By rooting the phone, you should even make use of the root by installing proper apps which need root access to work. For no ads in the phone, there is an app called adaway, for battery saving there is ...


Best attempts to make your phone fast and long lasting is using some powerful apps which work only of your phone is rooted. Root your phone and download apps like greenify (for battery purpose), roehsoft ram expander (for faster and smoother performance), titanium backup and link to SD (for uninstalling bloatware and transferring apps to SD card which cannot ...

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