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In Android 4.4, there is an explicit option for this: Settings -> WiFi -> Advanced Wi-Fi -> Avoid poor connections In Android 5, this option appears to have been removed. There is an Android bug/feature with many complaints on this.


I can answer this for WiFi: received signal strength indicator (RSSI) in the 802.11 standard is only required to be orderable. This means for a single device you can tell when its reported value x is greater than its reported value y, but not by how much because there may be no real scale. Every device can report different values for the same real signal ...


This would be messy for a comment, so consider it a partial answer. The following task can stop or disconnect a WiFi if the signal level is below your preferred level. Create a task named "Wifi" and create following actions in it: Code → Run Shell: Command → echo "%WIFII" | awk '/Sig: [0-9]/ {print $2}' Store Output In → %Signal ...


No, there simply isn't something like this. Maybe someone has made an app for this, but this function isn't to be found in An

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