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My suggestion would be to talk to your network provider and ask them why are you seeing the above mentioned error message only after updating the firmware. Ideally it should not happen as you have bought an unlocked phone.


Also, it might be possible that you will Need to change the IMEI purposely (Like in Turkey - they filter IMEI Numbers to prevent non-taxed imports) from used domestic phone that is not used anymore - since I don t know what Country you live in. Be VERY careful with flashing Images of different models / countries as it was already said might be different ...


Hi flash the phone is not the solution to unlock your device, flash and unlock are different things. In case you like to flash your phone the only thing that you need to be careful is if the rom that you choose change or replace the modem, in this case you need to check if the rom has the supported bands for your country, The Samsung S4 GT-I9515 supports by ...


Note: This is a workaround. Some users have posted about the bug (saying this bug is present from long time) in reddit and oneplus forums. Since it is a bug, there is no definitive solution to this. One possible work around is to simply turn off the screen by pressing  lock button and turn back on by pressing  lock button  again, and ...


Try doing a factory reset. If it doesn't fix that way it must be addressed to oneplus and patched by them or installing a custom CyanogenMod where the bug is fixed.

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