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No, android_secret_codes contains a list of dialer codes to enter hidden menus. It is typed in Dialer to enter those hidden menus (they are usually in form of *#-------#). You need the PUK Code (PIN Unlock Key) to unlock your specific SIM card. You can get PUK from your carrier network. You can call them and get the PUK once you verify your identity.


To solve this you can do it like this: Create an empty zip file (and name it, for example "sideload"). Install adb drivers (adb setup 1.4.2 for example) or MTKdroid tools. Open CMD (or open MTK droid tools and click on "adb terminal") Type "adb sideload + the directory name of the empty zip file ("sideload.zip" for example) Like this: adb sideload ...

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