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If you are using skype on your Android mobile. Follow this steps to clear history: Open Android’s Settings app. Go to Application Manager. Look for Skype app. Tap on it, Now “Force Stop” and then clear cache and data. You can also check out How to delete Skype Chat history on Your PC.


I figured out that dial pad in certain mobiles echoes very badly. Workaround was, when I dial in the access code, I have to put on mute. Only then it works. Surprise is, this works fine on other apps like viber, google call. Only skype dial pad is having this issue.


I had the same problem. If Skype is running, either active or in the background, it does ring OK. But if it is off, doesn't ring. Fixed it by going into settings, notification settings, Skype status. When you switch this ON, Skype is always running in background I guess. Takes a bit longer to start ringing but it does (at least for me). Stock android 5.1 ...

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