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The list of apps in your screenshot includes "Rayman Jungle Run". This doesn't have any reason to send SMS messages, and the genuine game listed on Google Play doesn't require that permission. It seems likely that you've been taken in by a fake or trojan that pretends to be the game you wanted, but in fact sends SMS to premium numbers behind your back, to ...


I was working really hard with that thing & figure out the problematical app.. I am sure that all Huawei Mobile Owner Geting help from my answer. As I figure out & search / trace that number from where SMS was send I got that is Huawei Sever number.. It will work like this -> When you first time enter SIM card it will auto send SMS that number for ...


I don't think you can with the default SMS app. The 2 best alternatives, HandCent SMS & GoSMS offer a feature called blacklisting - you can long-press hold a conversation and choose to add it to your blacklist. Such messages will be hidden (not deleted) and you won't receive notifications / popups. You can also configure individual notification colour ...


Miui has a built-in call/message filter, perhaps confusingly called Firewall, since there is also an actual internet firewall within the, also confusingly called, Monitor application (a comprehensive call and traffic logger ). Works great though. To password protect it just use the Guard application, also within Miui.


From within the stock Android environment, you can at least force contacts to the voicemail. It is not possible to block SMS directly, at least not without root (to my knowledge). I have a Nexus 4, so your options might differ from what I have. If you go in the People app, you'll be able to find your SPAM contact. In the top-right corner, you'll have the ⋮ ...


I'm using this fine app here and I like it. But if you go to play store and search for "sms blocker" there are many of the kind, having customer/user comments which are a good idea to read to have a picture of the app.IMHO always start with trial version and use the one fits best your needs.

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