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Devin, I am not extremely familiar with stock Android, so I apologize if some of what I try to describe does not work exactly as I try to explain it. The SMS messages on your phone is maintained in a single database. That means you can use different messaging apps for SMS and the message "streams" or "history" stays the same regardless of the SMS app you ...


I had the same problem. I fixed it by doing this: Go to Settings -> Privacy and Safety -> App permissions -> SMS Turn off the Messages app and turn it back on.


Go to Settings -> Application manager. Find an application called "Badge Provider" and clear it's data. Then restart the phone. The (1) goes away.


I've finally managed to restore the contents of my previous database on my current device and I will explain how. The idea was to copy the backup of /data/data/ from my previous installation, to an Android Virtual Device, back it up there using SMS Backup & Restore in XML format, then restore that XML backup on my device. ...


Try Multi Clipboard and OTP Viewer. While this does Multi Copy or is a Clipboard manager, This also reads One time Passwords and show on a floating widget that actually resolves your issue. Since you want to use OTP codes without switching to inbox, this app shows the OTP message in a floating widget and the code floats on screen as soon message arives in ...


Settings>Privacy and Safety> App permissions> SMS> more (top right corner)> Show system> and finally turn on Message service. Helped for me. ;)

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