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It is a weird and confusing design decision in my opinion. To answer your question : No. Your full name and email address is only linked to your Google account and is only used for your Hangout chat.


No, there is no way to know whether a SMS is read or not. As of now it is only possible to know whether a SMS is successfully delivered to the phone or not. This delivery report is not a phone specific or app specific feature but it is provided by the operator, which is usually free. However the app should sport a feature to enable delivery notification ...


You will have to root your device. How did you uninstall it in the first place? It can't be uninstalled normally as it is a system app. Flash a custom recovery like CWM out TWRP, and then an appropriate GAPPS pick package to get back the play store.


The message itself reacts to a long press, but the contact bubble on its left reacts to a single tap. Then you can long press on the phone number in the bottom field, and you can copy the phone number from there.

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