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There is no way to increase the number of characters you can send via SMS. SMS (Short Message Service) is a fixed standard that is currently defined as a way of sending messages up to 1120 bits in length. This means 160 7-bit characters or 140 8-bit characters or 70 16-bit characters. More here http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Message_Service


Unfortunately, on the stock HTC keyboard, you cannot turn off auto-capitalization. Consider Google Keyboard, which gives better customization options.


Tasker imports/exports are usually in XML format. You can export your Excel file to XML, but it'll need a lot of formatting to become tasker-readable. The template is listed on the sidebar for r/TaskerFiles/. If you have the DOB in the correct field in Contacts, you can trigger a task off your calendar (in Beginner Mode / Tasker version 4.5u1m for Android ...

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