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If your foreground app is being closed without warning, the suspect is no other than Kernel. It generally happens when Kernel runs out of memory. In such case, Kernel reclaims memory by killing other apps, otherwise the device would be crashed. In such situation, Kernel doesn't respect multitasking (apps with background services, apps having icon in status ...


Try to flash the original firmware for your phone, then dial *#*#7378423#*#* on your dialer app and navigate to service menu -> service info -> configuration. It should be indicated there.


You can install Google Apps any time you want. You can download a gapps package from here (pick the one corresponding to your CyanogenMod version). Then flash it like you did for CM10 (no need to wipe anything).


In such cases I would highly suggest to try to replicate the problem while usb debugging is enabled. Install the android sdk which will give you the necessary tools to "logcat" what's happening. The messages might give you a clue what is causing the sudden shutdown of your application. After having installed the sdk you can simply start the logging through ...

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