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It seems somewhat buried, but on my HTC Droid Incredible I navigate to Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch Input > Text Input. Under Other Settings I can set "Vibrate when typing."


You're almost right. Capacitive screens can detect anything that's conductive or has a dielectric difference to air. Here's a good Wikipedia article about this. If you carry your phone in a pocket, you can easily activate the screen without noticing it. Try this: Put some cloth (eg. Jeans) between your hand and the screen, now if you press it ...


I think Gary's answer is correct for the ordinary keyboard, but on my phone, other haptic feedback is controlled by another setting, equally hidden away at: Settings > Sound > Vibrate feedback (right at the bottom) For me (HTC Desire HD), this enables haptic feedback on the dialler keypad, as well as on the touch-sensitive home, menu, back and search ...


Finally solved it.. I have found this ansewer by yy502 on cyanogenmod 1) you've missed the PIN prompt when phone starts up. no phone calls. 2) go to "location & security settings" 3) go to "set up SIM card lock" 4) un-tick "Lock SIM card" 5) enter your PIN as required 6) your phone will now connect to the mobile network. full bars!! 7) re-tick "set up ...


Download Barnacle Wifi Tether This app will load it's OWN drivers and actually use your phone as a modem. I have used it once before with my X8 Android 2.1 also.


Most likely, your X8 is broadcasting the wireless network in ad-hoc mode rather than infrastructure (AP) mode. Android does not natively support ad-hoc wireless connections, which is why your tablet cannot see or connect to the hotspot. Your options depend largely on the state of your devices. If your phone is rooted then you can try a custom ROM or kernel ...


There's no official upgrade to 2.2 for X8 Xperia, Wikipedia says. You can install a third-party ROM, though -- it seems the latest Cyanogenmod 7.1 is available for this device. Which is even better, considering that ROM is based on Gingerbread 2.3 instead of Froyo.


The wifi-tether app supports running in infrastructure mode. Make sure you have the app called wifi-tether (Not wireless-tether or anything) Use of this app requires a rooted phone and netfilter compiled into your kernel (which may or may not come stock)


Capacitive or not, the default Android behavior is that the touchscreen is disabled when screen is off so you always need to press a physical button to wake up the screen. If the physical buttons in your device cannot be easily accidentally pressed while the device is in your pocket/bag/wherever-you-usually-put-your-phone and you don't need the security of a ...


Some phones have an issue where they "think" a headset is plugged in when there is no headset. This causes the speaker and earpiece to not function. Try using my app, SoundAbout, to alleviate this issue.


Make sure this isn't a DNS issue. In the browser try navigating to the website by its IP address as opposed to the name. On your computer open command prompt and type in ping and press enter. The 4 numbers 1-3 digits long separated by dots is the IP address (e.g. Now on the phone open up the browser, and in the navigation bar ...


There is an app called "Twin Me!" in the Google Play. It does exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S "Add Me" feature does.


Looks like the cause of you problem might be: Your SD card is corrupted or with some problem Your version of Android is very outdated and might have bugs Try to use another SD card, if you get the same problems then I highly recommend you to flash a custom ROM like CyanogenMod 7 for example. Here you can get some tutorials about how to make it Update ...


Out of the 3 Android phones I've had, one had an "Android" startup splash screen, one had a manufacturer startup splash screen, and one originally had a phone network (Vodafone) startup splash screen, but was changed to a manufacturer splash screen in one of the (official) firmware updates.All were bought new and legitimate with manufacturer/carrier supplied ...


Hang on a second, you wanted to hard reset your phone because your splash screen didn't look like the one on YouTube? It is very common for carriers to change things like splash screens. You don't say where you bought your phone or who your carrier is. Can't tell you if it is a fake. If it is legit, you don't say if you bought your phone new or used or if ...


Taken from here: This hack ( is almost universal. I've compiled and tested a version for X10 mini. Download: Download and extract the archive. You will need ADB from Android SDK and USB drivers for X10 mini (part of Sony ...

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