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First, obtain the following: Android device with root access adb on your computer you can do without this, but that just means a lot of time copying files back and forth to your phone and moving them with something like Root Explorer text editor Now, Plug your phone in to your computer and navigate to the /system/usr/keylayout/ folder, using adb ...


Answering the Question I've been searching for a solution to this issue since I've seen your question, probably when you've set a bounty. Till now I've found tons of unhappy users complaining about the same issue, no pause/resume during a video record. I've read just about every first fifty results presented for every search that I came up with on Google, ...


The Xperia Mini Pro and the Xperia X10 Mini Pro are actually different phones. Confusing, I know. The former appears to be a "refreshed" version of the latter with your specs.


Best answer I've found so far: You could try clearing all data from the keyboard. Menu>Settings>Applications>Running Applications then tap All. Scroll down and find Internation Keyboard (if thats the one you are using) and Clear Data. Source: Sony Ericsson Support Forum Of course, it will also set the keyboard to the original settings. ...


Because your phone is branded by Orange Austria, the SIM card is likely locked. SonyEricsson states: ... you can’t unlock the boot loader if you have a SIM lock protected phone http://unlockbootloader.sonyericsson.com/which-phones#13182586887331&if_height=1139


There's a list of things one can do to improve battery life. The easiest (attention, black humor) is turning the device off, next to switching it to airplane mode. In general these two things are not worth a consideration -- but with all things operable, I've seen no smartphone yet lasting more than 2 days. My old HTC Buzz currently makes it a week (7 days, ...


The official Sony page says it has Flash preinstalled (look on the "In business" tab, "Fast and full Internet" section). The Xperia Mini Pro meets the specs for Adobe Air, so I see no reason to believe you couldn't download Air as well.


It is not clear whether you had flashed CWM's recovery (through boot image). If you had done, you have to press vol up and down while powering on. If not, you do not have a recovery mode at all. You have to flash it using fastboot as described in CyanogenMod's How to install CM in Sony Xperia Mini Pro.


You can manually install update using Flashtool,and also you need ftf file for it, http://androxyde.github.com/index.html?1349610344000 -Flash tool http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1918920 -ftf file.


this might help: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1138791 you would need to have your phone rooted for this hack. It is for Xperia Play, but would work on other Xperias, as I've done this before on my Xperia Arc S successfully.


I thought that may be I could share the apk file through bluetooth from another phone and I succeed. Here are the steps: All the steps are for the phone which already has GTalk installed. Open file manager. Go to System (outside sdcard) -> applications. Search Talk.apk. Send it to the phone where you want to install GTalk by bluetooth (or any other way). ...


Don't wipe everything. It is possible to delete individual words. I have the Experia T, I and have just done this: Open a text Click to reply so the keyboard pops up press the 12!? button down-left corner Go across to the right, and click on the spanner icon Go in to My Words Hold your finger down on a word, and down the right of the screen will pop up a ...

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