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Currently you can't disable notifications via speakers while still having them via headphones. There's an open issue for that. You also can use Llama or Tasker to switch profiles when you plug your headphones.


Boy, separate volume controls for the speaker and earpiece would be useful, wouldn't they? You can probably do what you want with Tasker. It lets you control all kinds of settings on the phone based on events. (Some ideas from Lifehacker.)


I know for certain that some apps do have the option of changing the setting (e.g. InDrive allows you to switch to speakerphone when driving) As for the second question, I believe that CallRecorder is the culprit, because: a) I have tried TrueCaller once, and did not experience anything like you are mentioning, b) Call recorder apps generally can't work on ...


You might want to take a look at SoundAbout. One of its promises: DETECT or IGNORE that a headset has a microphone when plugged in. Only used if the headphone/headset plug in/out detection is set to ALLOW. Which to me sounds like what you are looking for.


I wrote an app called SoundAbout. The pro version has a phone call audio setting called "Wired Headphone" and "Wired Headset (with mic)". If you use the "Wired Headphones" setting, it will keep the phone's built in mic while routing phone call audio to the car speaker.


I saw you had another question about Cyanogenmod, and thought I'd point out that it has the option "Always play on speaker" for notifications, ringtones and alarms (in Settings -> CyanogenMod Settings -> Sound). So as soon as it's stable (if it's developed further) it can solve most of your problems.


I believe that feature was added with Android 2.2 as my Moto Droid recently got the ability to do that. Unfortunately, I believe you are out of luck until AT&T pushes an update to your phone, unless you are willing to install a non-standard ROM.

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