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The official Stack Exchange app is now available in the Play Store.


There are a couple of apps out there like Droidstack and StackWidget. Both of the apps can work together. I've just installed them, but so far you can't seem to answer or respond to questions with them. You can though, follow your questions and get notifications when you get answers. Droidstack is a question browser, and StackWidget lets you watch ...


There just happens to be such a tool. It's not an actual application, but it works quite well with and is optimized for Android phones and tablets. Website: StackMobile.com Some of the features you will find: Full access to all questions, answers, comments, and users on the site. Full question and user search capability. The ability to easily switch ...


DroidStack seems to be the ticket. Android Market Link


There is "DroidStack" which allows to Browse the Questions, Users, Tags and Monitor for Statuschanges, but it does not allow you to question yourself or write an answer. But you can open the current question, user, whatever in your favorite browser anytime. This comes closest to writing. There are other tools, with similar restrictions, but I think ...


I think: if you can find an RSS feed for it, you can add it to Google Reader, and put it in the "Listen Podcasts" folder. That should make it magically sync on your phone. I think.


Not a direct answer, but there is an effort underway to improve the mobile versions of the Stack Exchange sites. http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/98215/stack-exchange-mobile-theme-beta-starts-now I have used my Android browser to interact with the Stack Exchange sites and it works pretty well.


I know of 3, there may be more: I found these on stackapps. DroidStack Stack Remote StackAnywhere None of these apps really allow you to "login" and you can't ask or answer questions. This is probably a limitation of the StackExchange API. It also doesn't allow you to vote (since you are not logged in).


There is a site specifically for apps that use the Stack Exchange API(s): Stack Apps. If you're looking for Stack Exchange apps for Android, simply look under the android tag there.


I doubt that there is one one and that there will be one in the (near) feature. A look at stackwrap4j, the only Java Stackexchange Library that runs on Android, shows that the body (the content) of a post, which can be a question or an answer, is returned as plain String. The Tex equations are just included as plain Tex in that String and get rendered on ...


Stack Exchange app is there in google play. You can ask question using this app.

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