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The best practice for flashing stock Samsung firmware is through Odin on your PC with the original USB cable. This will remove the root and return your device in stock condition with the desired downloaded Android version. The process is very easy you just have to flash the MD5 file using ODIN in download mode you can follow this useful guide with images ...


Besides the way mentioned above, you can also try phone to phone transfer tool to move photos from iPhone to Android. And it seems more easier.


The easiest way to get all your pictures from you iPhone to your LG is to use Google Photos. This does requires a gmail account. If you don't have one, its free to set up. On your iPhone: Download Google photos (if not installed already) In the Google photos app, tap Menu (3 horizontal lines) Select Settings then Backup and Sync Switch it on Allow ...


@Jeffrey Lebowski the cache is used for storing shell script like commands file while rebooting to recovery mode to do a particular task (eg. Data Reset) if you shrink it too low it would never be able to store these scripts And as per as I know Google's Play Store to temporarily storage is in the Data Partition I maybe wrong though

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