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@Jeffrey Lebowski the cache is used for storing shell script like commands file while rebooting to recovery mode to do a particular task (eg. Data Reset) if you shrink it too low it would never be able to store these scripts And as per as I know Google's Play Store to temporarily storage is in the Data Partition I maybe wrong though


Do other websites load normally? I guess they do. Hence, this is a probably a problem with the website, not with Chrome or Android. Be patient and try again later. Re: About it working with Chrome Beta, it could be any number of other factors related to the website other than Chrome.


Open Kingroot, go to Purify. Click Tools at the bottom, then Bloatware Remover, then tap the little picture of a man and bin in the top right corner. This will allow you to undelete system apps. Cheers!


I tried calling on my Galaxy Note 5 and had same problem with all numbers. I rebooted phone and it started back working.


Try clearing the cache and app data. Go to settings --> app manager and find google chrome. Then force stop google chrome and try again. Try installing Google Chrome Beta (Could be a bug in the current version) As @TamoghnaChowdhury said, it could also be a website or internet problem if it doesn't load on other phones.

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