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if you have the auto fill or predict next word options enabled, then you will see the current word which you are typing just above the keyboard. Long press on the word which is displayed and select the required option such as delete from dictionary or edit.


Devin, I am not extremely familiar with stock Android, so I apologize if some of what I try to describe does not work exactly as I try to explain it. The SMS messages on your phone is maintained in a single database. That means you can use different messaging apps for SMS and the message "streams" or "history" stays the same regardless of the SMS app you ...


Since, you do not want to root your phone. ADB backup are closest to the Full Backups. I recommend using Helium Backup for taking backups to your Phone's SD card or PC. More information can be found here.


If Kingo root can't help you root successfully. You can try another tool like iRoot.I once used and found it do no harm to my device.Try as this guide: one click root to root Android phones and tablets


An easy solution would be changing the DNS server used by your device, by using a DNS server that doesn't resolve porn website hostnames. You might need a rooted device to change the DNS. An universal method to change the DNS is by using an app like SetDNS or OverrideDNS. Other methods for changing DNS is available here: (GUIDE) How to Change DNS in ...


you have to call your network and get it blocked, i know for 3 you can do it over the three app.

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