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OK so I have a One m8 but I think the process should be about the same. You'll want to find the right RUU for your model. I'm not certain which model/carrier you have so here is an overview list: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2428276. To relock your bootloader (necessary for RUU), make sure you have adb installed, connect your phone to ...


1 . Root your phone . 2. Enable Usb in debuggling mode . 3. Download debloatware tool from XDA Develpers . 4 Open up the tools and select the application in the Tools . 5. tool will backup the application and remove it or hide it . http://rootjunkysdl.com/?device=Android%20Programs&folder=DeBloater


Its just a cake walk I'll prefer to use kingRoot apk which can be downloaded by searching in Google and then root your phone using it which need internet connectivity and then it creates an app named King user in that you can see an Option as uninstall Tool which can be used to uninstall the bloatwares and just restart after uninstall to get rid of ...


A non root option is now available. The HeadsOff app can disable all Lollipop Heads-up notifications on your phone. It can also disable Heads-up notifications only for selected apps. If you purchase the Pro key you can restore the ticker text in the status-bar to see a little notification preview. Original post : How to disable Heads Up notifications in ...


In the Google Now Launcher you can do the following: Swipe open the menu on the right → Customize → Tap on work or home and edit them (blank to delete). (Click image to enlarge)


No, Google does not provide a general service support number. Google provides the base Android operating system with components like a contacts manager. Both the phone manufacturer and the service provider may customize the OS, use their own applications, or replace stock applications like the contacts manager. Google is not able to support these ...


When you type in "don't" try holding your finger on "Dont". You should get something along the lines of: Never predict "Dont" again? Press yes, and you should be sorted!

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