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I've given a hybrid solution. Make sure you have Nandroid backup in place before attempting this on your Nexus device. I believe the following permission is the reason why that bar remains on top of default launcher com.android.launcher. com.android.launcher.permission.INSTALL_SHORTCUT // Declared permission That permission doesn't work for any custom ...


Added: After more searching, I found How to remove the Google Search bar from your Android homescreen indicating you have these options: Disabling Google Now, which is not recommended on the Nexus 5 as it might soft-brick your device Install custom launcher, which you don't really want to do Using Xposed framework (root required), which doesn't seem to ...


You can unistall google search (I mean the blue icon) to solve the problem.


Google Cloud Print Generally, you'd want to use Google Cloud Print compatible printers. The full list of Cloud Print ready printers is available here. If you're stuck without one of these printers (i.e. a classic printer), you've still got options: Before connecting your classic printer, confirm if you have: Google Chrome Windows or Mac ...


The workaround I found was to go to Settings->Apps->All->Google Keyboard and tap "Uninstall updates". This reverted the keyboard app to the initial version of 4.021003 that was installed to my Nexus 5 when it updated to Lollipop. Apparently the feature I am describing was broken/changed some time between 4.021003 and 4.1.22123. I'm going to report this ...


Which keyboard are you trying to get rid of? If it isn't Google Keyboard, go download it from the Play Store, open the app and follow the steps. See if that fixes your issue. If you already use Google Keyboard, try downloading another keyboard like SwiftKey.


Not entirely sure what it does. Never really looked into it. But I just cleared data/cache for my download manager on my Nexus 6 and all my downloaded files are still there. Edit Just to clarify, the downloads are still there if you navigate to the folder with a file manager. However they no longer show up in the "Downloads" app. Device: Nexus 6 Android ...

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