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If you're getting "storage space runout" on your Samsung S2 phone, just dial *#9900# on the tablet and select option 2 “Delete dumpstate/logcat” It's not necessary to root your android. Restart your phone afterwards.


Open the app My Files Tap All Files You may see Device Storage and possibly SD memory card Tap either (or both) Tap Download (or download) Select files individually, or tap the menu button then Select all Tap the trash can icon


Its because you accidently cleared the history of downloads from settings. A way to delete those 50 Mb is to: 1. Go to My files app (default file explorer in your device. 2. Tap on the folder named Download. 3. Your downloaded files are here. select and delete the files you want to. that's it.


On Android phone. Just type in the dial *#9900# then choose the second one "Delete Dumpstate/logcat". Problem is solved.


I would look into apps such as App2sd in the play store. I think they create a symlink in internal storage that is linked to the actual app data on the sdcard. I used this on my old phone. It worked pretty well.


IMHO these governor settings are overrated. Of course it's nice to have such options, but it's confusing users more instead of helping them. Just check your ROM and ask other users for their opinions. In AOKP for example you only need NOOP and Interactive and you should be good to go for anything. You should save your time for more important things in ...

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