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It is possible in Swype to change the size (width) of the keyboard, and shrink it. Press-hold on the Symbols key ("?123"). There will be options to change the keyboard size. Drag your finger to the icon showing the size you may want (on the left side, right side, floating...).


I have a HTC one M7. It decided to reboot after getting confused on how much battery power it had. Now the personised Swype dictionary is gone. I tried Swype's workaround listed above, but no success. There is no footprint of my old dictionary. However I have found that it's easy to back up my new personal dictionary. In: Settings> Language & Keyboard> ...


Try clearing the cache and app data for keyboard. Go to system settings then apps and search the keyboard there. Try clearing cache and app data. If the problem is still there you can disable the keyboard. Mostly the default keyboard is Google Keyboard


Apps purchased through Google play store are linked to a Google account and not a device. This means you can purchase an app then use it on devices signed into the Google account that purchased it. https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/113410?hl=en

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