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Here's a way how. Go into the GMail App Select the menu button(top left of the screen next to "Inbox" Click the down arrow next to your email Select manage accounts. It will take you to another menu, select "Google" Find her account, click on it, and in the top right corner of the screen there should be 3 dots you can push to bring down a menu, and select ...


Following instructions worked for me: On my HTC M8, I went to Settings → Apps → found the Business Calendar 2 PRO app (it is listed as "Business Calendar") → cleared Cache → cleared data of the app (did not need to uninstall/reinstall). I went back to the Business Calendar app on home screen and it wanted to set up as new but my ...


Me and my wife use Picspro android app for Google photos. It allows browser authentification to sign into any amount of Google Photo accounts without having to add the full Google account to the phone itself. Personally, We keep all our photos on her account, using this app I can be logged in and view them and also upload to it so our photo collection is ...


I have found the Quickpic Gallery app. You can set which folder from phone to upload into any folder on Dropbox. Uploading only while changing and on Wi-Fi. You can as well browse the whole Dropbox - browse, not download. (Click image to enlarge)

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