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The keys are located in the Android System and stay there indefinitely. You need to get a new phone, recreate all your keys, revoke all the old ones and reinstall. If you don't know what reinstall means (including but not limited to what to reinstall) get a new phone, recreate all your keys, revoke the old ones and reinstall again. Google, Carriers and ...


Your setting for Sync is disabled. Enable the setting for Sync in Status-bar. Hope your problem may be solved. thanks


There is no way to do this without the use of third party apps. You can use Tasker to automate your phone. You can add a task that enables auto sync when you're on WiFi. The stock android doesn't provide any option that says "Auto sync only on WiFi". only way to do this is through third party apps. By the way, there are other automation apps also on the ...

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