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I had a same problem, by uninstall google play service this symbol can be removed


Just keep selecting the option to Delete items anyway. Each time you do, about 50 contacts more will be deleted.


i had the same problem in samsung galaxy J5 running lollipop ( 5.1.1) . I had to enable following under the Settings/Data Usage/Background data 1) Email 2) Gmail 3) Google Settings I had initially only enabled 1 & 2. Yahoo email was working but Gmail was not. Once i enabled Google Settings , the Gmail sync also started working.


MyPhoneExplorer Look Like It solves your problem it's compatible with syncing over USB and best of all it's now ad free.


just found your question. I have been browsing for solution last week as well. Gsyinit was one of them, and it is complicated indeed. I found a better solution - Sync2, it is a very convenient and useful software with a number of cool features. I would also like to mention their support team, as it is truly amazing.

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