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I had the same problem. All you need to do is back up all your data using Samsung Kies 3. Download it from their website (Samsung.com). Then do a Factory reset. Once reset is complete on your S4 you will now be able to Edit the APN. If you have a contract with a provider ask them to send you the settings and your Internet data will work. Mine is now working ...


Welcome to Android Enthusiasts! There can be many reasons for a {service has stopped} error. You can actually use aLogCat to view device logs. This will help you better understand what's actually going on with your device. It is difficult to pin-point an issue like that with Android because of its very nature. We can all have the same devices but have ...


You have to remount your /system partition be mounted as a read/write partition What you need to do is $ su # mount -o remount,rw /system


Of course you can install all your applications via their .apk package, downloadable from the internet (you'll also find several alternative markets like aptoide and F-Droid). As of play store: the website only tells the android app to install a certain app, so if you don't have it installed, you won't go any further. install play store via it's .apk ...


A Solution On reflection, my thoughts were 1) this seems like a software problem, possibly malware of unknown origin and 2) it seems to be interrupting the power-cycling of the phone. Therefore, before committing to sending the phone out to either HTC or Vodafone to look at, i tried my own hard-reset of the phone. Without access to remove the battery, i ...


I have never encountered this specific error before, but you can find it among a list of common Play Store errors compiled by enthusiasts* on XDA. They have 4 recommendations for the 911 error: Method 1: Clear the google play store data Method 2: If you are using a wifi connection that requires a webpage login, then your authentication has probably ...


Download an image of Android for your phone on your sd card, and boot into Team Win. There you will find Install button, then choose an image you downloaded on your sd card.

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