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4 months later support finally shared me the latest ROM that solved all the above issues.


Even I get same error when I have slower internet speeds. Probably slow internet is the mere problem.


Using a cache cleaner, I freed up some cache, netting me a little over 130 MB free space in the app storage. I then updated, and it worked. Freeing the cache again after the update, I only had 100 MB left. I also saw that the cache for the Play Store was about 28 MB, so apparently that's the size of the download for the Chrome update. Using a disk ...


It sounds like something got corrupted on your phone. Could be a recently installed app. I would recommend resetting the phone to factory settings via Recovery console: Turn off the phone. Turn the phone on, and as soon as you see the Motorola "M" logo, press and hold the Vol Down button. Once in Recovery console, navigate to the option to factory reset ...

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