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Welcome to Android Enthusiasts! There can be many reasons for a {service has stopped} error. You can actually use aLogCat to view device logs. This will help you better understand what's actually going on with your device. It is difficult to pin-point an issue like that with Android because of its very nature. We can all have the same devices but have ...


System UI is crashed/corrupted due to some problem Just reinstall android version using PC and it'll be ok


Get the latest play store apk from androidpolice and install it over the system apk. Check if it works. Alternatively, you can also try uninstalling updates of google play services and check.


I don't know whether this works for some one or not. I installed Lucky Patcher in my Phone. And immediately it showed me warning that unused file Anydo.odex and after then I Am able to install all these applications. Its weird.

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