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Going into the app info may also trigger the crash. One possible way to avoid that, is to use adb: adb shell pm clear Now clearing the app data may not be enough. I had to do, as root: rm -fR /data/data/


Probably this happens if you try to flash files which are not supported. Did you try to flash something? This could fix it- Download the stock firmware for your device and then flash it.


Apps that can't be uninstalled are apps that come hardwired in the ROM of your Android device. These are typically vendor specific apps or the Google apps. "Android System" is pretty crucial to your device, so it's weird it's even possible to uninstall it's updates. Every Android device as this, but normally it's not listed. You can see it pop up in your ...


We have some more simple fixes which might help you out in fix the Google Play Store 492 Error. try the below quick fixes before you attempt to do it the hard way. Reinstall the Google play store application. Uninstall any of the recently installed app. Downgrade Google play store application to lower version. Remove application cache. Switch Google Play ...

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