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Goto Settings > Apps > All > Clear Cache and Data for these apps > Play store, Download manager and Google Services framework. Remove you google account from your Account > Google section under your phone Settings. Reboot your device and add your google account back and then try to download/update the apps from the Playstore.


This is not a final answer, as it is not generic (only works on some devices) – but it's a start at least: As we've figured out, at least CM based ROMs with Kitkat (Android 4.4) and above ship with the aapt binary available in /system/bin1. If your ROM doesn't have it, and installing the binary on the device is an option, you can find it here. Using aapt, ...


Works only on Cyanogenmod or forks that base on CM: aapt may not be present on your device. It's suspected that this binary is part of CyanogenMod (and its forks). Confirmed to be present on my S3 running Resurrection Remix (CM12.1), Izzy's Milestone² running CM11 and the LG P880 running CM11 as well. You can use aapt (Android Asset Packaging Tool) to dump ...

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