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I had the same problem with my wife's phone (LG G2x P999). Unfortunately you're going to have to master reset.... If it doesn't work from the settings, then reset manually (hold power button and volume down till you see the Android guy then let go) after that your phone will be reset and the downloading issue will stop. Read through these steps prior to ...


Read an article at this location http://www.anandtech.com/show/4502/tmobile-g2x-review-gingerbread-infused/9 Seems to be a software problem. Imho root and flash cyanogen or install the ROM after reading in XDA


Try BLNControl Pro, provided your kernel supports BLN (BackLight Notification). It has a schedule function that allows a user to disable BLN during the night or a specified period of time along with options to change blink rate as well as time-out of the backlight remaining on as well as a battery threshold beyond which BLNs won't be activated.

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