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Open Contacts then press the menu button go to More>Settings in that the first option is where you want to save your contacts .


If there is an official update to Android 2.3 (check the post on Gingerbread updates) then you'll get a notice on your phone (eventually). Just follow the instructions. If there's not an official update and you don't want to wait for one, you'll need to root your phone and install a Custom ROM.


While typing this question this was one of the links that the site provided me with: How do I disable the 'click' sound on the camera app? Turns out a similar method can be used to disable the system "tick" sound in question as can the camera shutter sound. I deleted(moved) this file: /system/media/audio/ui/TW_Touch.ogg and then rebooted my ...


Absolutely yes. I have a SK4G as well, and tried SetCPU out too. It force closed regularly; whether it's due to overheating I can't say for sure, but it seems the most likely cause. FYI, all the SK4G ROMs are based on the stock ROM as no one's reverse-engineered the hardware requirements to build custom kernels for it yet :(


After much torment and due to an unfortunate accident, I went ahead and purchased one. The answer is: Tilde Close screen Tap the input area long press a click tilde Backtick (grave) Close screen Tap the input area long press apostrophe realize that you were pressing the voice search button since the apostrophe button is so small and cramped, so cancel ...


I honestly don' think they characters can be typed with the sidekick hardware keyboard. As for the software keyboard, it would depend on the one you are using, but most likely would be close to this: Switch to numbers / symbols press the alt key press the  `  or  ~  key

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