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Go to Settings -> My Device Tab -> Language and input and check if the settings are correct. If the default keyboard is set properly and still not working, try to install another keyboard application like SwiftKey and make it default keyboard.


The pop is most certainly because of a hardware fault, which may or may not be in your tablet. Does it pop with other headphones too? If not, throw away the faulty headphone. If it does, then indeed the tablet is faulty and you should see if you can get it repaired under the warranty. Anyway, it will not be solved by swapping the audio channels (the pop ...


No, there's currently no way to do what you want with an app. You'd need to develop a custom ROM to suit your requirements (or pay someone to do it, of course). The new Lollipop version of Android has some features to enable kiosk-mode-type applications, so it may be that some apps might come along in future to enable this kind of use. Slightly off the ...


Not sure why but they did factory reset to it. Probably it is that bad when the battery detaches from the other part of the device :) Don't they make these devices crash proof? I just hit it into a glass bottle :D


Sounds like they just replaced the device and gave you a new/refurbished one. Your original device will be fixed (if possible), and then it will be wiped and turned into a refurbished unit. If you didn't back up any of your data, it is gone. Hopefully you did; I'm pretty sure anytime you send in a device for service, they warn you that it could be ...


I know I'm a bit late, but you can remove the lock by performing factory reset. To do that: Shut down the tablet Hold volume up key and power button at the same time Recovery boot menu will open. With volume keys select wipe data and press power button. The tablet will do a factory reset, all data will be lost and pattern lock will be removed. You ...

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