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hi did you manage to sort this out.., I have lots of experience in creatin windows windows usb boot drives, but nothing i try work s on the v919. I enter the bios and boot from the usb and it still just keeps flashing the onda loga, ye the same bootable usb will reset any other windows tablet that i own. im at a complete loss :-(


After fiddling with some options earlier, I actually came accross the answer on accident. This is from a feature called ZenMotion, something ASUS started implementing in their Zen phones and tablets, I believe. Note that not only this answered my question, it also showed me that there were 5 other shortcuts available, with each letter being able to be ...


Needed to tap on the Serial number field. This is the answer


Touchscreens are basically two devices. The image to the monitor is usually fed from the tablet via mhl or hdmi. The touch functionality is via usb to the Android tablet or phone from the monitor. You need a dock of some description which provides mhl/hdmi out and also usb into the tablet, unless your tablet has separate ports for these, in which case you ...


At least on my Nexus 10: Settings → Data Usage → ⋮ menu → Network Restrictions brings up a screen where you can set whether each WiFi network is metered or not.

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