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I think it'll work if you set up a proxy on your phone that will redirect the requests of your Macbook to the RasPi. That is possible without root. See my detailed answer to a similar problem (not tested with your particular setup): http://android.stackexchange.com/a/116437/118205


I've finally found a solution, however it's quite complicated to set up and you need to configure the wifi clients (i.e. Chromecast won't work with that). I still hope to find a better solution. Connect ethernet, start hotspot as usual Download "Proxy Server" from Google Play – probably any other similiar app will do it as well In the app, add a new ...


I had the same problem . Finally, I figured it out. It's a bug. The JB device fails to register the connection parameters (DNS) for Bluethooth network after connecting to tethered device and uses DNS of default wifi connection to connect, so the request fails with a timeout. Rooted users can fix the issue using a set of commands in terminal, either using ...


I have my icons get stuck or not show up a lot on the notification bar. Most of the time when I reboot to recovery and wipe the system cache it fixes it. Try that.

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