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The simplest method is TTL inspection. If you route your connection to the second device (via mobile wifi hotspot or in any other way feasible), the phone company's routers will spot that some TTL values are different from the others when packets pass them. Since there are tables of expected initial TTL values available for many devices (their operating ...


This is the only "fix" that has worked for me thus far. I switched from the Nexus 5 to the 6P yesterday and discovered that my grandfathered unlimited data plan was of not much use now because the Wifi hotspot functionality has to be activated through the carrier on the 6P. Wifi Hotspot tethering worked just fine on the Nexus 5. At least I can use my ...


This also appears to work with the Moto X Pure Edition using Straight Talk. Slightly modified steps, though. Eject SIM tray, turn on tethering, Push in tray.


I dont know the rooted method yet. Here's the Non-Root method: You only need your sim tool and the phone. open the sim tray but don't take out the sim card. push the sim tray back in the phone. wait 4-5 seconds and then activate hotspot in the settings->more->tethering Works for Verizon and AT&T. I have not tested this on any other carriers. This ...


Try Tasker. Enable USB Tethering when USB is plugged in into a PC: Context: State –> USB Plugged Action: Net –> USB Tether Source

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