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As far as I know, no 3rd party app can record your "keystrokes" when installed on a non-rooted android phone. When an app gains privilege and is given root access, only then it could act like a system app on a rooted phone. This is why Google has never given root access to users. It's too risky. Anybody can install a spyware "keylogger" app on your non ...


Switching to any other keyboard application as the default should solve this problem, for example SwiftKey. The shortcut exists in the Samsung keyboard and is not possible to turn off.


The option is gone. It used to be that it just wouldn't show up for those words which were already in your personal dictionary. Now it doesn't appear for any word whatsoever. It was probably a recent update to the Google Keyboard app which broke this functionality. The Google Keyboard app updates for everyone so it wouldn't matter that my Nexus 5 is running ...

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