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The following is the way I enable additional spell checkers on my Galaxy Nexus which runs on vanilla Android 4.3, I hope it will be the same for your Moto G: Open your app drawer and go to Settings > Language & input Scroll down to Keyboard & Input Methods section: If your Google Keyboard is enabled, tap its settings button, if not, enable it ...


In your keyboard settings there should be a "My dictionary" or "My words" or something similar, in there should be all of the words you have added to AutoCorrect, if "WAS" is there, delete it, if not add "was".


This is how I solved this problem on my HTC One: Go to Settings-> Languages and Keyboard. On this list is a "Swype" setting that shows it's set to "Swype". Not informative. But press your finger on it anyway. Bam! The most useful menu that I never knew existed appears. You can add a language that will be in use simultaneously with your primary ...

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