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Open Wanam Xposed. Go to Theme → Background Color → You may give any HEX value.. Also Go to Theme → Panel Background → You may give any HEX value OR Transparent Panel Background. Also Change theme → Tile Pressed Color (scroll down to last ). Related subreddit - Some modding I did with my S5, thought I'd share with y'all ...


If you merely changed the font, then you can simply look at /etc/system_fonts.xml to see which font it's set to use. If you have a good file manager and a good text editor, then you can just browse to the file and look. You might need to make a copy on your SD card and rename the copy to end in .txt. If you actually replaced a system font file, then you'll ...


Although I'm still on CM12.1, I can relate to you. Reboot to Safe Mode. Go to Settings > Apps > (Your Theme). Uninstall it. Hope this answers your question.


After hours of digging google, finally found an alternative way to hard-coding. I used an Xposed module > Flat Style Bar Indicators. Got the Signal bars and battery separated but the notifications are still on the left side. Well, this will do.

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