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The info I'm finding suggests that you need a 4-ring TRRS connector to use a mic, and that the bundled Sound Recorder app will ignore this regardless and just use the internal mic, so you'll need a different recording app.


In GB 2.3, the fonts folder is located in /system/fonts, how it works is this, for a font face, it copies the fonts to the original droid fonts names at the same time retaining the pre-defined font names in place. In my rom, I have this, from adb shell, sh-4.1# cd /system/fonts sh-4.1# ls -l -rw-r--r-- root root 4824 2012-06-13 16:49 Clockopia....


I use Rom Toolbox for this. Swipe left twice to get to the Interface section and chose Font Installer. If you're rooted, you'll see the new font after a reboot/hot restart.


Apparently its a known issue accordingly to this Modaco thread specifically posting #8 Still have a standby bug, (it has a "self wake up") Perhaps Toshiba has released a fix by now, or, try another custom ROM, perhaps on xda maybe...

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