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I figured this out on my own. I solved this by installing Airdroid using an OTG USB adapter and a wired mouse. I then used the airmirror capability of the software to control a virtual mouse on the device. I do have root on the device, this may be significant to the operation of Airmirror. I could then accept the debug confirmation on the screen and complete ...


Touch screen are made with Indium Tin Oxide... and over time the Indium migrates out... so they stop working. That is one of the reasons manufacturers would like to start using graphene in touch screens. There are two types of screens resistive and capacative. Capacative screens are the main ones in use today and last 1-4 million touches: ...


It might be a bit late but I had a similar issue and found a genius idea that might help others. If you have an OTG cable, you can plug in a mouse and use that to unlock the phone, then cancel / change it as you normally would. Hope this helps!

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