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You can use MX Player (adware or pro version), which has a "Kids lock" feature under Settings > Player > Touch controls > Lock mode. P.S. you should not give your phone to 8 months old.


Here are your answers: Depending on how many of the CPU cores are asleep (clocking at less than 200mHz for your phone), the system needs to wake up those. This takes time. If the device is not asleep (doing background work), the screen will turn on very quickly. Best way to deal with: Don't use the power button to turn on the screen, but rather use the ...


Many devices have this feature included. When the video starts you can push the power button, and if your device supports it the video will play while the touch is turned off. (this is only for supported devices.) The use of third party apps is what most use. Untouch is a very popular one, and can be found in the play store. ( search for Untouch or touch ...


This is a hardware related problem. The touchscreen sends your system a touch event for every finger you touch it with. If the touchscreen's touch resolution is not that high, it will merge two touches to one. You can't change the touch resolution of your touchscreen but it is possible to send custom touch events to the Android framework using some commands ...

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