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Your version of SDK tools has nothing to do with the parameters input can understand or execute. Input is a binary in Android OS which can be run independently without requiring any set of external tools such as ADB. The reason you receive the error "Error: Unknown command: touchscreen" is because you're running an Android version earlier than Android ...


Older versions of android don't have the tap feature of the input command. I have a 4.0 device which lacks it as well.


davide, cat your init.rc and under # Permissions for InputDevices. chown system radio /sys/class/sec/tsp/cmd chmod 0660 /sys/class/sec/tsp/input/enabled <--your device may differ chown system system /sys/class/sec/tsp/input/enabled <--your device may differ Add to your scripting setup after verifying, for my device, a samsung galaxy tab 4 echo 0 ...

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