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i had the issue.....i long pressed on the overlay#1 window, dragged it down and then turned of the Developer options....hope it helps in a way


Perhaps you could try out something like Assistant menu's cursor facility, Unfortunately, I am not sure where you could get one though. It's you phone's hardware that is not working right? If so, you could just make all touch events in upper half with such a software and emulate that touch occurred in lower half somewhere? You would (most likely) need ...


This method will effectively divide your home screen in half, allotting each half to its own app and allowing you to fit a compact version of the app screen into the working part of your digitizer. It doesn't fix the issue of the keyboard, which when called replaces the bottom app, and obviously won't work. One easy fix would be to add a hardware keyboard ...


Touchscreens are basically two devices. The image to the monitor is usually fed from the tablet via mhl or hdmi. The touch functionality is via usb to the Android tablet or phone from the monitor. You need a dock of some description which provides mhl/hdmi out and also usb into the tablet, unless your tablet has separate ports for these, in which case you ...

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