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No, there's no setting for the sensitivity. The touchscreen controller already filters the input it gets from the screen itself, so probably you wouldn't be able to filter out the faulty touches without also filtering out real touches. What you describe sounds like a hardware problem. I'd recommend giving the screen a wipe with a damp, soapy cloth, then a ...


have the same issues as the first bloggers that posted. I have the Nexus 4 16Gb and in February 2014, I cracked the screen and changed the digitizer. In the process I tore the lithium polymer bag for the battery and subsequently the phone started to have a sweet smell. After 5 days the phone started acting up with these ghost images which was typing the ...


The problem if I put my still finger on the screen, the "cursor" will shake vigorously can be caused by the power supply. Touchscreen sensors seem to be very sensitive to power supply ripple. It is easy to check; unplug the power cable (on a phone this is usually also the USB cable) so that you are running from battery, and see if the problem goes ...


Have you tried Google's Quickoffice? It detects numbers (and underlining them), and lets you click the number to open the dialer with that number.

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