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I find moving the cursor to a particular place in some text far more accurate using the trackball than trying to select it by prodding the touchscreen. I would say that there might not be a specific use case which can't be accomplished using only the touchscreen but that there are certainly tasks for which using the trackball is easier. It's all probably ...


Beside moving the cursor in a textbox it's also nice as blinking orb of information. For mine if it's blinking blue I have a tweet waiting and if it's purple that's a google voice message, etc. And it blinks red and then blue and then green I have three things waiting. Armed with that kind of information I can make a decision about if it worth getting the "...


I wager that it was a way to attract Blackberry users.


I'll be honest it's probably not something you'll miss at all after a few weeks. My previous Android phone was an HTC Magic, apart from text selection I found the trackball pretty useless on that. Since upgrading to a Galaxy S, that has no trackball/pad/d-pad at all, I can honestly say that I haven't needed one since about the first week, I think I've found ...


Keyboards like Smart Keyboard and Better Keyboard (*Tap ?123 and then <> key to access) do indeed have arrow keys that can appear below the normal onscreen keyboard or as a separate keyboard containing arrow keys alone. The caveat being, the onscreen keyboard will use up some of your screen real-estate while in use. As regards games, most non-HTC ...


I suppose to best "answer" your question, the trackball is there to assist when the touch screen isn't accurate enough. It also exists to give people more choice when scrolling and or selecting. Personally, I never use it for that but instead use it for Trackball Wake. Not having to push the power button every time to turn the screen on is a god-send. I, ...


A lot of devices (like most of the Galaxy S family) actually don't have a trackball/pad at all now. I very rarely used the trackball on my old HTC Magic, and haven't missed its absence at all on my Galaxy S. It's not needed these days, the touchscreen is enough.


No, this isn't possible. Some CM versions allow you to use the trackball to turn the screen on, but there's no way to turn the device on from cold this way. When the device is off, Android isn't running, so nothing in Android can listen for a button press. The handling of the power button is much lower-level in the device firmware, and isn't available for ...


I don't know what ROM you have, but if you're using a Cyanogen based you can tweak that in the Cyanogen specific settings.


You can try using AnyUnlock from the android market. it is free and lets you set any button be the button to turn the device on. It has been tested exclusively for the Nexus One. Actually, I read further in the description, the trackball can no longer be used as of gingerbread.

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