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BBS is more confusing than GSAM battery companion. It provides more detail, but GSAM + root can tell you a lot. If you could provide screenshots of full charge, to fully dead we can point you in right direction; if this happens in 7 hours with the screen off and no interaction all the better it should be very trivial to find. From there, you could use ...


It would be preferred to restart the device, but before you do that, try clearing the ram and recent applications ALL THE TIME. If this fails, try battery doctor. It is a very useful tool that closes background apps and things you are not using.


I have installed Babbel app(version 5.2.1) and it works fine on my Xolo Q1010i. I had even tried cleaning the cache and reopening the app again, but then also it works the same way. Maybe you should try restarting your Sony LT22i and give it a try then. Hope it will work.

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