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Some Twitter apps allow you to "retweet with comment" or "quote & reply" in which case you can remove the original username before retweeting. If your friend chose to do that before retweeting, you won't be able to see the original username. TweetCaster Pro has the "retweet with comment" option.


This one took me a while. Go into "Personalize TweetCaster" in settings and change "URL action" to "ask".


You can try the browsers that don't use the internal WebKit rendering engine, i.e. Opera Mobile, Firefox, Opera Mini or SkyFire. For Android 2.2 there's also Persian Browser which uses WebKit and connects the letters after loading the page.


Android doesn't have great Arabic support, although this has supposedly been improved in the latest version of Android. This is currently the number one most-requested Android issue. An upgrade to Android 2.3 probably wouldn't make a difference, but as Power-Inside mentioned, Cyanogenmod does have improved Arabic support. Because the support isn't built ...

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