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I had the same problem, turned out my Nand flash storage was full. Deleted one file and restarted twitter, all working.


As mentioned in the twitter website's help centre, Why is the Twitter app requesting permission to access features on my Android device? When you install the Twitter for Android app on your device, you may be prompted to grant permission for the app to access information or use features from your device. Almost all apps need certain permissions to ...


In 2012 it was reported Twitter did upload the address book to their servers. Something changed after that. In case you're wondering if it has in the past you can visit If you are using Android 6.0 or higher you can disable the contact permissions as a extra precaution. The Twitter app doesn't use your ...


If you add your phone number and synchronise it, then only it use your contacts and keep you updating whom you may know. Who is already on Twitter. Whom you can invite using phone number. Otherwise it doesn't use address book.

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