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Try holding power+vol down to boot it into recovery mode,reset device asin factory reset.restart device.


You could try install a RUU rom,bring the device back to stock,as explained by @freedom ,RUU is the stock rom, you must search for your device and xda dev should have working,trustable links for ruu rom/stock. then simply dont try gain root, if there is a reason for root, sure, but really you had a rom custom in there,you really didnt need root. How to get ...


Can you turn on your phone using special sequence of buttons like power + middle button + down volume ? I don't know what is for your device but you can google tjat quickly...see if you can turn on in download or recovery mode. If yes try a factory reset and wipe cache data and reboot. If that not work then is time to flash your stock firmware again on it ...

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