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Ok, I fixed id, charging for 3 hours (without change) and for another 7 hours fully charged (I dont know how this happend) my device and I completly reflashed it from fastboot and recovery. PS: I loggined by the mistake in to my wrong account, sorry.


Ok, I solved it at last. What I didn't know, was that with Odin, i can flash a custom recovery to the device, even though it didn't seem to respond to anything. Next time, I'll try Odin directly. Here's a good guide, if someone else is interested!


From @AndrewT 's comment, I gathered this: Referring this answer on StackOverflow What does stop do? stop entered in a root terminal basically stops the Android process called zygote. This in turn stops all processes registered in the context of zygote, that is, all services (including system services) registered to zygote. This includes the ...


There are two different cases of bricking your phone. 1- Soft brick: In this case, phone is not functional as it is supposed to be however it is possible to fix the phone which is usually done through custom recoveries. 2- Hard brick: In this case of bricking, saving phone programatically is beyond possibility and a change in hardware is necessary. Is ...

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