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Issues like this this are often corrected by returning to a "known good configuration" before processing additional changes. I would suggest returning to the current official Google firmware via fastboot, then verify the device is booting and operating properly, then you can flash custom recovery and install a third party ROM such as CyanogenMod. ...


Download research download tools, load the pac file and go in settings there you must see alls files into the pac, now it's very important: double click on system location and copy, go in your file manager, enable hidden files and paste what you have copy in file location bar in your file manager you will see all needed files


Follow these steps: Download a custom ROM for your mobile model. Android flashing application Download device drivers. Now flash the mobile by connecting a USB cable to your system. Run the application and then you have successfully flashed your mobile.


I've got the same problem on a recent OTA update on my Nexus 9. Unfortunately thes "Nexus Root Toolkit" app didn't help because my Nexus 9 was all stock, no root and the OEM unlock was disabled. The problem got me into a dead end. But I found a solution that helped me out and now my Nexus 9 is alive again. It's simple, but you need to follow the steps ...


I used Nexus Root Toolkit to restore stock ROM. It seems to be working now - the tablet booted, I see Welcome screen with a prompt to choose language.


You can flash a new recovery image with fastboot. The command is: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img where 'recovery.img' is the name of the image. If you enter fasboot on the command line with no options or parameters you will see the usage, which is: fastboot flash [partition] [filename]


I had the same problem and I spent hours working on it. Excerpt from this article which helped fix my problem. When flashing TWRP, do not reboot (into system) since the default "" file replaces TWRP on every boot. So I guess you need to flash TWRP again So next time you flash TWRP, 1) power off (preferably by pulling battery if nothing else ...


After talking to the support of the e-commerce site where I bought that tablet, it was sent to european Lenovo support which unlocked it (I don't yet known how they did that).

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