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I was stuck like you this might help I suggest getting a recent copy of twrp that is flashable with Odin This link will definitely be helpful.


You can fix it manly two ways. Performing a factory reset via stock recovery or flash stock firmware. Resetting is the easiest method. Press and hold power button, home and volume up keys until you see the Android robot logo. Stock recovery doesn't work touch screen you can use volume keys for navigation and power button /home key for selection. Once ...


No. Odin the stock ROM to get everything back to normal (you may need to use the appropriate PIT file to repartition), and then afterward you can flash a custom ROM as you would normally.


You're probably going to need to specify exactly what model phone you have, because not all phones bootstrap the same way. In general, however, if you can't get the phone to go into it's equivalent of Download/Odin mode (where it simply doesn't do anything except listen over USB for an upload of a firmware file) with the majority of the phones on the ...

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