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You can download the factory image from here. Open the file and extract the recovery.img file. Then connect the device to the computer with USB debugging turned on. Then open terminal/command prompt and navigate to where adb/fastboot is stored, then run fastboot flash recovery recovery.img As far as unrooting, the easiest option would to be, download ...


Alright. You are going to need: Your device + cable the stock ROM (Download here adb (ill help you install that) Ok, heres what to do: plug in your phone in usb debugging mode(in developer options. if not there, go to about device and tap build number 7 times, then back once.) open terminal, and dosudo apt-get install adb remember to put in your ...


Xposed is basically the only way. You could try changing the apps permissions, see if that works. Otherwise, you may need a serious tinker to get Xposed working.


In your superuser app go into the settings and press full unroot. This will delete the su file and other files generated by the superuser app.

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