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If you have a rooted device, you most likely will not be able to install OTA updates (over the air). Factory resetting the device will not un-root the device so the best way of updating it is to do the following: Get the factory image you wish to install (in your case, lollipop) from the Google developers website Flash that image by following this tutorial ...


It is possible to sideload the OTA update on a non-rooted, non-unlocked phone without losing your data (although it would be advisable to back up anything important that can't be restored from the cloud). The instructions here worked for me. This approach is not advised if you are not comfortable with working at the command line, dealing with windows ...


When doing updates, be it from OTA or flashing, you will need to wipe/clean the cache and dalvik-cache (They retain information that could cause problems as well as bootloops.) Just remember to leave system, data, and other partitions alone.

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