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Note: Partial answer to address Cyanogenmod unavailability. The reason why you couldn't find your device here is because Cyanogenmod(CM) didn't port it on your device model for some reason. To be precise, there is no official CM for your device. That said there are some unofficial custom ROMs (including CM) available for your device. (Click here to know ...


IDK which Recovery (stock/custom) your device is running because in my device CWM 6.0 for Android 4.2.1 shows "Install zip from sideload" option. Anyhow, I've verified that both options points to same thing i.e. sideloading from PC. This option will allow you to push a .zip file into the device accompanied by an automated installation of it. For a custom ...


You will need to goto a 3rd party website that hosts Google apps and download the newest (for your device) version. The one I use is http://gappsandroid.blogspot.com/ , you can download EVERY single Official Google app.


Ok I let an update attempt to download then came back to my phone about 10-15 min later, to see an error code 495, saying the update cannot download. So I Googled that error code and found this page: http://techknowzone.com/how-to-solve-fix-error-code-495-in-google-play-store/. I went down the list and followed each suggestion step by step. The one that ...


If you are running Android 5.0 or later go into Settings > Sound & notification > "When device is locked" and set "Show all notification content" (as shown here: https://youtu.be/GNFE-S42wgU?t=46s )


This is an issue for me with a couple of apps as well, specifically a torch flash light app, where the newest version doesn't play well with Lollipop, but the previous version does. My solution to this in the past was to use Change Droid, but as has been stated above, if you open the play store it can return. Currently the solution I use is to run a ...

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