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With Changelog Droid being currently "out of order"1, let me mention an alternative: App Watcher claims to do the very same: App Watcher notifies you about updates of applications from Play Store even the app is not installed currently on your device and provides quick access to the "What's new" section. App Watcher (source: Google Play; click ...


There is a list of ROMs available for Z3 at XDA. Please visit the link and flash your device with an appropriate ROM and you are done. :) Sony Xperia Z3 ROMs [XDA]


I can't speak to Stamina mode since I don't use it often, but I had great battery life in regular mode on KitKat. With light talking, texting, and browser/FB use, I could easily go more than 24 hours without recharging my phone. Since upgrading to Lollipop (4-5 days ago), my phone goes from 100% charged at 7am to 7% charged at 5pm -- with very little use -- ...


It might be possible that the system got the app icon misconfigured. It happened to me before, a simple on off procedure could fix it.


My battery life started to deplete very quickly after upgrading to Lollipop. I experimented with Stamina mode to try to get back to the battery life I used to have on my Z3C, but it actually made it worse! Google play services was keeping my mobile radio active almost 100% of the time. I moved back to regular mode and I'm getting about 15-20 hours of battery ...


How do I update from Play Store? Open your Play Store; From the left edge of screen do a left to right swipe to access Play Store Menu; Select My Apps - it will open a list of all apps installed from Play Store; Find Whatsapp Messnger, select Whatsapp Messenger and you will be presented with a page of Whatsapp; Otherwise, after "Step 1.", type in ...


The call feature is available in WhatsApp-2.12.5. The Google Play Store should show you the latest version (If Notification Checked) How do I update from Play Store, or will it only happen automatically and not manually? This is only available, when the below option is enabled: if this option is disable, you need to download manually. As you can ...

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