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Because the ART compiler can get better each version after your OS gets upgraded. If Android makes any improvements to ART including bug fixes, the apps will need to go through the same processes as the compile part of the installation.


Yes. The Installation Aborted:Status 7 error indicates an assertion fail during execution of the updater-script binary inside OTA file. This can be due to one of 2 things: The OTA zip itself is corrupted (bad download). This then indicates a signature mismatch error. The updater-script could not find the appropriate properties in your system during ...


Not recommanded! I tried it days ago on I9300 and the phone goes horribly wrong with some 5.x Lollipop specially 5.1.x : Bugs and glitchs. Heating problems. Battery life problems. App crashs... I tested more than one 5.x ROM (Based one CM12,CM12.1,...) on it and the same result every time!! but it work so much better on i9305(with 2GB of RAM). for that i ...

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