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When you start your phone up you probably see a Samsung logo and an android logo... Basically, The system that opens this up is called the boot loader and you need to unlock it to gain root access... This allows you to edit system files. See http://www.all-things-android.com/content/understanding-android-file-hierarchy It will help you understand what ...


If you happen to be rooted, you should be able to install Disable Services and find the SystemUpdateService under Google Services Framework. Disable that.


It is possible to flash the recovery from within android itself without requiring any kind of USB connection. I'll get to that in a second-- First though, I am curious if you tried adb over the network (without USB). If you look at the adb documentation, you will see that there is an ADB-over-network feature (on CyanogenMod there is an "adb over network" ...


First off, make sure you have the proper ADB drivers. Use the PDANet ADB Installer. It should install the right version of ADB. Next, you're going to want to enable Developer Mode. To do this, open up your settings app. At the bottom of the screen (you may need to scroll), there should be a Developer Options button. Open that up. If you do not see ...

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