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Enable USB debugging: Go to phone settings -> About -> Tap build number repeatedly until developer menu is enabled. Go there and tick USB debugging. On your PC, go to your device manager (You can find it in Control Panel, System) when the Phone is plugged in and set to MTP. Locate the phone, (it might come up as "Android Phone" if so open the tree a level. ...


I am a professional Mobile Application Developer, and often use my own personal Galaxy Note 3 for test at the office, and I've never come across this issue. When I plug my Note 3 into my Mac Pro, it appears connected as a media device, and it appears in the Eclipse "device chooser" window. What you probably need, is the Android File Transfer software, ...


In case anyone with a Samsung S4 running USB Mass Storage Enabler and Busybox runs into this issue, be sure that the USB computer connection is set to MTP. This setting sometimes toggles off for some odd reason on my phone. Click the text box and you should be good to go.


Maybe you have connected the device as PTP but not MTP. Follow these steps to connect through MTP- First connect the USB cable to your laptop then scroll the notification bar down and you will have USB icon box ,Click on that and change your connection to MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) to transfer files in Windows. Now that you have the proper settings you ...

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