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Have you enabled dev menu? Settings > about phone > press on build number 7 times. If it's not in that menu on your device, try Settings > storage > more options.


the usb tethering toggle remained grayed out when I connected the USB cable. So thanks very much for the tip! On my Samsung 5, I went to "storage" and then touched the 3 little dots on the upper right hand side of the screen. That allowed me to open two choices of connection. As a "media device" or for "camera purposes". I selected "media device" and ...


Based on your answer in the comments (apologies for not catching the OS in your initial post), you're going to still have to unlock by hand. Past that step, I would recommend trying Macrodroid, Tasker, or other automation apps to see if they can help out. I've not used them to automate connections like this, but they are great in other situations, so I have ...


These can be a little tricky to troubleshoot without a LOT more information and a ton of back and forth. My best suggestion to do an end-run around all of that would be for you to download WugFresh's Nexus Root Toolkit. Now don't worry if you're not interested in rooting, as that's not why I'm suggesting it. I've just found that its "Full Driver ...


I was facing the same problem with my moto e and windows 7 professional, XP i.e. unable to connect. Earlier, it did connect with every system but for the last few days it did not. Today an IT person gave me another USB cable (thicker one) and it worked.


I have an OTG adapotor that looks like this It accepts SD, microSD and USB memory sticks while charging. It's a bit bulkier than what you've got, but it may be worth trying. This one was made for the Galaxy S2, and it works well with the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S5 as well (those are the ones I've tried it with, and it probably works with most Samsung ...


I've had a similar problem for some months after over a year of normal operation but with a Nexus 4 Android (now Lollipop) phone and an Acer laptop running Windows 7. The Nexus would not show up in Windows Explorer in MTP mode, only PTP mode. That is ok for moving photos over to my laptop but not for making a backup of Android files, or data such as an ...

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