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Happened to me on Windows 7 and downloading drivers from Samsung's website fixed it:


I figured this out on my own. I solved this by installing Airdroid using an OTG USB adapter and a wired mouse. I then used the airmirror capability of the software to control a virtual mouse on the device. I do have root on the device, this may be significant to the operation of Airmirror. I could then accept the debug confirmation on the screen and complete ...


Installing Universal naked drivers shall solve your problem. Assuming you are skillful enough installing drivers manually as you intend to make use of ADB, here's a reference link to Universal Naked Drivers: It generally supports all Nexus devices(probably ...


I would highly advise to install Universal naked drivers on your Windows system as in windows only we encounter such driver issues. Refer this link for Universal naked drivers: Being a Nexus 5 user, I have encountered this problem and after great efforts, UND ...


You need to install adb using the command: `sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb' without quotes. This command will install the program adb (Android Debug Bridge). To check if your device is correctly plugged in. Type 'adb devices'. If your device comes up, you're good to go. :)


I have the same problem. Phone is wonderful except for this annoying bug, and I've spent hours searching for a solution: None. You need to do a hard reset for the phone give you the dialogue where you choose usb connection mode. Oh, and don't choose "nothing" (ever), cuz then you'll have to this over again. REMEMBER to back up everything on internal ...


This worked for my Samsung Alpha: Enter *#0808# in your phone's dialer. A new screen will pop up. There, select "MTP+ADB" option and tap OK. (Click image to enlarge)


I am not sure if this will really help you out or not but it is worth a try. Make sure you have fastboot and USB driver for your phone is installed on your PC Connect the a USB cable to your phone and keep on pressing the volume down button while the phone is booting. If you are able to access the fastboot mode then you are saved and you can try fastboot ...


I had a similar issue (with a Nexus S, but I don't think it matters here). I could manually install the Google driver and it started without reporting problems. Nevertheless, adb devices did not list any device. Two things looked suspicious (and are probably related), but I could not use them to get a clue to the solution: The hardware ID reported in ...

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