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My moto g3 had similar problem. After connecting the USB cable the device would appear within windows explorer but no file structure would appear. This is because the phone was in USB charge only mode. I double tap the very top status bar and a USB notification appears as shown below. After selecting the USB for file transfer notification the following ...


Once the adb files are on your pc, all you have to do is run the command to list adb devices. If no results show up, your device does not have usb debugging enabled. If you get a result, an 8 digit number.. that means you have it enabled and the phone is connected. There is a way to enable usb debugging via command line but then, that is even nore technical. ...


Conect a usb mouse, you will need a usb mouse with a usb type A to microusb adapter to connect the mouse directly to your phone, provided that you can still see the area of your screen needed to unlock your phone, even if touches arent being detected.


Check if you have accesibility settings enabled, specifically the magnification gestures, as this setting can prevent you from corrrectly detecting the multiple taps on the build number. Once you have it disabled, tap repeatedly until you see the message, if you still cant see it , it might be already enabled.


I believe I had the same problem on my Huawei P8. My Windows 10 PC would not recognise the phone, although it would charge it. The problem was not with the cable or PC - the same cable and PC would work later on, with the only changes made, made to the phone. I didn't have the same qualms about rooting or 'strange installations', so I rooted using ...


there is a solution from your keyboard *#*#2846579#*#* - kind of hidden menu, then background setting, usb port settings, hi suite mode, cheers

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