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Installing Universal naked drivers shall solve your problem. Assuming you are skillful enough installing drivers manually as you intend to make use of ADB, here's a reference link to Universal Naked Drivers: It generally supports all Nexus devices(probably ...


I have the same problem. Phone is wonderful except for this annoying bug, and I've spent hours searching for a solution: None. You need to do a hard reset for the phone give you the dialogue where you choose usb connection mode. Oh, and don't choose "nothing" (ever), cuz then you'll have to this over again. REMEMBER to back up everything on internal ...


Below is the google translation: hope it works for you. [Abstract] to install the driver, is the beginning of our wire brush, brush machine process is a very important step, but also a lot of local friends easily qualify problem areas. Just use a USB cable can not be achieved mobile phone and computer information exchange, but also need to drive. ...


Make sure that your USB cable supports data transfer. Did you turned on 'Developer mode'?! Settings > About Phone > scroll to the bottom > tap Build number seven (7) times.

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