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Well, I have tried all these things I could find on the web and my Win 7 professional PC would not recognize my Galaxy S 3....I then realized my new computer has nothing but USB 3.0 ports so I decided to try to use an old USB hub I have. I plugged it into the computer and a driver for it was successfully installed. I then plugged my Galaxy S3 into the USB ...


The answer is something quite strange although seemed to work for me. I used a different computer and used Wugs Nexus Root Toolkit to flash stock (after driver install on other computer) and it worked without any failure .


Android Composite interface is higher level interface that includes Android ADB (Android Debug Bridge) interface, Android MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol), Mass Storage Protocol etc. depending on what you need to do with connected device and on type of device as well.


So there are many different threads and posts all over the internet trying to solve this issue for various Android devices. It seems that sometimes these work, but not always. I think I've finally found a step that works most of the time (it excludes hardware issues for example). Start off with your device connected. Essentially, there is an issue with the ...

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